In my classic standardized approach of establishing it, I’ll point out how the well-engineered enterprise behind antianxiety tablets that I refer to as masters of charades in the lucrative drug industry is one way to begin, which may be a collection of physicians and pharmacists upping the incline, or sort of. One way of detecting is taking a closer look at where big pharma stands in such money-spinning equation.

  1. It’s a money-driven system primarily preordained to vastly explode in unobstructed takings.

2. An unchanged practice ringing America’s ATMs to such an agreeable mode, stemming from an organizational business objective of ceaseless bank trades.

3. The patients come to a realistic awareness about this colossal monetarily driven force that’s spiraling through the roof into a most lucrative split-up between these pharmaceutical giants.

4. Such a trend suitably transfigures these healing specialists from drugmakers to spin doctors, painlessly disposed to ascertain whoever is on the predisposition list in the undeterred practice of targeting a considerable percentage of the medical emporium, predominantly composed of those they perceive as the easiest marks.

5. An exemplary model for the big Pharma to stop at nothing in continuingly applying the all-out durability of increasingly thinking how to spur the next big blowout for getting more medicines sold to the masses since the Great Depression.

6. The well-heeled painkiller architects probably do not mind that people already acclimatized will abstain from taking these sedatives, which end up reducing the revenues.

7. It’s happening because the pharmaceutical industry is clandestinely bribing its extorting affiliated physicians and druggists, with upmarket perks to scale up the number of prescriptions on unsuspected patients.

8. The amplification of advertisements to lure more people to hop on the already anti-depressant chock-full farm cart.

9. Guided theoretically to a path of restoring sanity which turns out to be only half-truths.

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