Five Vitality Natural Shortcuts when your world doesn’t have to be void of light and overtaken with darkness or abridged dynamism:

  1. Do yoga in the garden, on the beach, or on the porch if you’re living in beautiful surroundings—which is ideal, because it is healthier to breathe fresher air by doing yoga outside rather than in a studio or the living room. Nevertheless, it’s OK if there are air filters and a humidifier in all four corners of the room.

2. Play ambient music to merge the mind with the sounds of nature during Falun/qigong sessions. This is a modern spiritual practice with meditative value. Shiatsu and feng shui are part of self-hypnosis in the philosophy of Taoism.

3. Escape to the countryside’s splendors more often with your closest companion or alone, which may require some effort in terms of time management. For example: stroll for at least thirty minutes a day near trees, ponds, parks, foothills, cascades, or anything that draws a geometrical parallel with crashing waves, mountainous scenery. There’s no need to wait until you perceive yourself to be a birdwatcher. Every person, particularly busy folks with stress from overworking, will gain immense high-spiritedness from nature.

Going back and forth to inner cities, which many people do for work, makes it a little hard to escape. Luckily, some cities are prone to cleaner air than others and have plenty of lakes and trees around, instead of mufflers spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When possible, refrain from exposing yourself to the streets for extended periods during the congested hours, when there are combustion gasoline and diesel tank engines polluting the immediate environment.

  1. Beyond a dog or a cat, procuring or having around seriocomic domesticated companions can destress, alleviate restlessness, and inspire vigor. There are many exotic therapy beasts to choose from to immerse you in a lasting bond. Consult with an expert beforehand, no matter which one you choose from the following list, to ensure safe handling:

5. A sheep, a full-size or miniature horse, a donkey, a llama, a trained alpaca, a flamingo, a pelican, or a peacock. Everyone agrees that pets add enormous joy to our lives and give us a focus beyond ourselves. The advice I provide here is only well given if I clarify that a dog or a cat would be a good start once an individual gets back on good footing.

For a population of people who cannot support themselves or are just learning how to, having a pet, particularly some of the more exotic or expensive ones I have listed here, would seem to be outside the realm of possibility. I suggest that once they’re on their feet they give back to society by rescuing a cat or a dog and experiencing the unconditional love of an animal. A pig is also a good option. The pig’s cognitive ability is that of a two-year-old child, and they can surpass the cognitive ability of a dog. The pig is on about the same intellectual level as a dolphin and a chimpanzee.

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Nonetheless, they need to live in the right environment where there is a natural area for them to eat and play, surrounded by high fences. You’ll be in good hands with any of the previously listed nonhumans—and you’ll never have to worry about them turning into cronies like our kind. Instead, they spring into action, giving you what your heart wants and needs. It is a fact that various wild animals, besides vocal birdies, will display moments of humor. They give us rescuers and owners alike more than we bargained for.

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