Table of Contents


Casino Chronicle:  Contents



Chapter 1: The Employee Suggestion Program

Chapter 2: First Ideas and First Signs of Trouble

Chapter 3: A Road Map for Grand Expansion

Chapter 4: Veneered Vanities

Chapter 5: The Catch-22

Chapter 6: Native Americans’ Dark Kind of Period

Chapter 7: Incredulity in the Mix of Duplicities

Chapter 8: Unscrambling Brainteasers

Chapter 9: Marked Documents

Chapter 10: Attrition versus the Excitement of My Plans

Chapter 11: Impendent Centralization

Chapter 12: Chronic Overmedication

Chapter 13: Self-Vitalized Dynamism

Chapter 14: A Journey to Calmness

Chapter 15: The Value of Spirituality

Chapter 16: Platonic Annulment

Chapter 17: Natural Shortcuts in Lieu of Antidepressants


Author’s Note