Over-medication in today’s society: Why it’s happening, and how to identify it?

I will begin by looking at the well-engineered enterprise behind heroin and anti-anxiety tablets, which I refer to as masters of charades in the lucrative drug industry, pushed by a compendium of pharmacists. Let’s take a closer look at where Big Pharma stands in this money-spinning equation:

  1. It’s a money-driven system primarily preordained to vastly explode in unobstructed takings.

2.  These unchanged practices are emptying Americans’ pockets at a dizzying pace, stemming from an organizational business objective of ceaseless bank trades.

3. Some patients have come to a realistic awareness about this colossal, monetarily driven force that’s spiraling through the roof into a most lucrative split-up between the pharmaceutical giants.

4. Such a trend suitably transforms these healing specialists from drugmakers to spin doctors, allowing them to target those they perceive to be the easiest marks.

5. It becomes commonplace for Big Pharma to stop at nothing to create new ways to spur the next big blowout in order to get more medicines sold to the masses.

6. The well-heeled painkiller architects do not mind losing some customers because they have so many.

7. The pharmaceutical industry is clandestinely bribing its extorting affiliated physicians and druggists, with upmarket perks to scale up the number of prescriptions on unsuspected patients.

8. Advertisements are amplified to lure more people to hop on the already full opioid and antidepressant farm carts.

9. People are guided to a path of restoring sanity, which turns out to be only half-truths.

10. If anything, we’ve been conjecturally told otherwise and blatantly beclouded from knowing the truth.


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