The Native American Tribes that have been destroyed in America, why?

The Native American Tribes that have been destroyed in America, why?

By One Stop Books | June 24, 2020 |

In my attempts to accentuate the miseries of Native Americans further, I could be inaccurate in some of my observations—I’m only human. The parallel to the gaming industry of the land-grabbing profiteers from the Old West clearly outlines how unprepared, ill-equipped, and poorly armed the conquered Indians were.

After all, the Indians stood no real chance in spite of being the fiercest warriors—Navajo, Apache, Cherokee, Lakota Sioux, Mohican, Mohawk, Seminole, Cheyenne, and Comanche—in countless battles, when facing cannons, grenades, and all sorts of artillery versus mere spears, bows and arrows, tomahawks, and knives. Unable to repel and deter endless aggressions, Native Americans were exploited; and they were confined to unwholesome, ill-equipped reservations lacking rudimentary health care. Women were raped and enslaved; the merciless murder of countless Indian children was not ruled out so that settlers wouldn’t have to deal with a new headache or fight the next generation.

After all, why fight the next age bracket when it could be stripped of existence by conquering and stamping out every living soul that still annoyingly stood in the way of the fateful, final transaction? Some unlucky natives were offered blankets infected with smallpox as gifts, under the falsehearted disguise of an armistice, to finish them off. Not to mention that they were nearly annihilated by all sorts of diseases brought in by these same Europeans, who further inundated them with hard liquor.


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