Encouragement Toward Alternative to Assistance

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I’d like to raise ten points of discussion, as follows:   1. Opioid is becoming an epidemic that is getting out of hand rather than receding. 2. There is no limits to the revenue Big Pharma can generate. 3. They rashly jockey their expenses onto the unsmiling taxpayers. 4. The more they multiply nationwide, the…

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Over-medication in today’s society: Why it’s happening, and how to identify it?

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I will begin by looking at the well-engineered enterprise behind heroin and anti-anxiety tablets, which I refer to as masters of charades in the lucrative drug industry, pushed by a compendium of pharmacists. Let’s take a closer look at where Big Pharma stands in this money-spinning equation: It’s a money-driven system primarily preordained to vastly explode…

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The gambling factor: Why it’s so toxic

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The gambling factor: Why it’s so toxic Las Vegas; its cousin mecca in Macau, China; and other casinos shall never tell you why they preserve their strictest code of silence. The primary objective is to keep the casino’s house odds of winning versus the gambler’s odds concealed to protect what’s in it for them: profits.…

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Five Vitality Natural Shortcuts

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Your world doesn’t have to be void of light, and overtaken with darkness, or abridged dynamism: Do Bikram yoga in the garden, on the beach, or on the porch if you’re living in beautiful surroundings—which is ideal, because it is healthier to breathe fresher air by doing yoga outside rather than in a studio or the…

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